9 years ago

Going the extra mile

During a recent routine lay-by litter collection at the A50, one of the operatives came across a discarded woman’s handbag. Rather than disposing of it in along with the rest of the litter, the operative took it back to the depot and asked a female member of staff to have a look through it to see if they could find any identification.

It turned out that a couple had taken their mother/mother-in-law out for lunch the weekend before and the bag had been stolen whilst at the restaurant. Understandably the lady had been distressed by this, more so because of several items of sentimental value that were in the bag (pictures of grandchildren etc).

Upon finding out that her bag, with sentimental items intact, had been recovered she was over the moon and offered to buy the team a round of drinks. Of course, on grounds of Health and Safety they declined but upon arrival to collect the bag the family showered the team with chocolates instead!

A wonderful story and a lovely example of our road workers going the extra mile to respect the communities within which they serve.