Traffic management access gate

7 years ago


It is a regrettable fact of today’s society that road-workers face an escalating barrage of verbal, and sometimes physical, abuse whilst going about their crucial work in keeping our roads safe for users. Through our embedded and mature safety observation (near miss) process, Connect continues to collaborate relentlessly with our supply chain partners to develop and trial new initiatives and innovation to combat this unacceptable behavior.


A great recent example of such collaboration is the Traffic Management Access Gate, which has been designed to prevent incursions into road closures and works areas by the road user.


The system comprises a portable barrier, powered by an electric motor and integrated battery power source, and can be operated from distances of up to 200 metres. This distance removes the road worker-road user interface, creating a safer working environment with reduced potential for conflict and exposure to live traffic.




Our Operator on the A30/A35 DBFO Concession, South West Highways – Balfour Beatty Joint Venture (SWHBB) assisted in the detailed development of the system, with the system now a very portable and robust tool. With no single item being more than 25kg, a single operative can deploy the system in around 90 seconds.


SWHBB has purchased two “Readi-Guard” gates and which are operating on the A30/A35 concession. The feedback from our roadworkers using the gates is very positive; finding them easy to operate and, most importantly, useful as a deterrent to road user incursions.


Balfour Beatty has also purchased the gates for use on our A50 and M1-A1 concessions in the Midlands and Yorkshire respectively, where they are to be used on overnight resurfacing schemes throughout the summer.