Street Lighting

Green Apple Award

Connect Roads Green Apple Award

Connect were approached by various Local Authority Clients, from the East Shires to the North East, to assist in achieving their ‘spend to save’ initiatives driven by budget constraints and ongoing financial pressures.

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Cambridgeshire Street Lighting (Lighting Cambridgeshire) -

The project involves replacing and upgrading Cambridgeshire’s 55,000 street lights.

Capex: £53m



Coventry Street Lighting (Lighting Coventry) -

A five-year Core Investment Programme, allowing for the replacement of 28,000 existing columns and signs and 5,000 lanterns, and the ongoing maintenance of a total stock of 38,154 units.

Capex: £55m



Derby Street Lighting (Lighting Derby) -

A five-year Core Investment Programme, involving the replacement of 20,100 existing columns, and a 25-year Maintenance Programme

Capex: £39m



Northamptonshire Street Lighting (Lighting Northamptonshire) -

A project to remove, replace and/or upgrade every one of Northamptonshire’s 65,000 street lights.

Capex: £68m



South Tyneside Street Lighting (Light It South Tyneside)

During the Core Investment Programme 20,600 lighting columns were replaced together with 8,000 highways signs, bollards and subway lights.

Capex: £36m



Sunderland Street Lighting (Aurora Sunderland) -

The Core Investment Programme involved replacement of 30,500 street lighting columns and 6,000 highways signs.

Capex: £36m