Street Lighting


Cambridgeshire Street Lighting (Lighting Cambridgeshire) -

The project involves replacing and upgrading Cambridgeshire’s 55,000 street lights.

Capex: £53m



Coventry Street Lighting (Lighting Coventry) -

A five-year Core Investment Programme, allowing for the replacement of 28,000 existing columns and signs and 5,000 lanterns, and the ongoing maintenance of a total stock of 38,154 units.

Capex: £55m



Derby Street Lighting (Lighting Derby) -

A five-year Core Investment Programme, involving the replacement of 20,100 existing columns, and a 25-year Maintenance Programme

Capex: £39m



Northamptonshire Street Lighting (Lighting Northamptonshire) -

A project to remove, replace and/or upgrade every one of Northamptonshire’s 65,000 street lights.

Capex: £68m



South Tyneside Street Lighting (Light It South Tyneside)

During the Core Investment Programme 20,600 lighting columns were replaced together with 8,000 highways signs, bollards and subway lights.

Capex: £36m



Sunderland Street Lighting (Aurora Sunderland) -

The Core Investment Programme involved replacement of 30,500 street lighting columns and 6,000 highways signs.

Capex: £36m