CNDR & M1-A1

9 years ago

Our teams put in a fantastic effort to keep the roads open over the festive period

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

On the Carlisle Northern Development Route (CNDR) Existing Roads network however, our Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK emergency response teams, were out and about to ensure than the intense flood event which struck West Cumbria on 23rd December was satisfactorily dealt with such that Santa and his sleigh could pass with safety across our road network.

In truly miserable conditions our guys restored the network to sound operational order, whilst many of us were probably relaxing at home.

A huge professional effort (once again) from the delivery team, not un-noticed by our Client and Council Members.

Meanwhile, on Boxing Day night, the Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK team at the M1-A1 were reacting to an unexpected fall of snow on sections of the route; shortly after the Met Office evening forecast had informed that there would be ‘no snow tonight’ - it snowed!

Having received a call from the Met Office to inform of the change in forecast, the Duty Officer, rallied the winter maintenance operatives from their homes to undertake emergency grits and snow ploughing. The operatives had already undertaken precautionary grits on Christmas Day and Boxing Day due to low temperatures, though now within 1 ½ hours of receiving a call the operatives got to the depot, prepared the vehicles, completed gritting to the entire network, and,were heading back out to continue gritting and ploughing to maintain a passable route.

With the snow passing on, the operatives continued ploughing, clearing all lanes by 3am and gritting the route up to 5am to prevent ice forming.

A tremendous effort by all our staff and operatives, particularly whilst most of us where safe at home, watching a “Christmas Special” and tucking into yet another turkey and stuffing sandwich!